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Groat minds think alike

Our story

We have a commitment to every bite and offer an oat-standing product without concessions.

Hi, i'm Elke
Hi, i'm Clara
Elke van Groats
Clara van Groats

Allow us to introduce ourselves. We are Elke and Clara, both mothers with a shared passion for healthy food. While there are plenty of good and healthy food options available for adults, we found that the baby and children’s food department was falling behind. As moms ourselves, we are constantly searching for new and nutritious breakfast and snack options for our little ones. When we couldn’t find what we were looking for, we decided to create it ourselves!



Our Vision

We are firm believers that introducing a variety of foods to babies is beneficial not only now but also in the long run. So, let’s think beyond the traditional sandwich and offer our little ones a delicious and nutritious meal with oatmeal and vitamins.

Oatmeal for babies and kids + 8 months

Groats aims to develop the best oatmeal product for infants and toddlers.
As food has a significant impact on our growth and development, Groats intends to promote the importance of breakfast for babies and children.